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Local foods - Fresh Meals

Over the last 18 years that she has spent in the kitchen, Cada has found her place of passion within the sustainable and regenerative sector of the culinary industry. Pairing her degrees in Nutrition and Culinary Arts she weaves holistic, functional foods into dishes utilizing the best of local, seasonal, organically farmed, and wild foraged foods.

Stock up

If cooking for elite athletes has taught me one thing it is that preparation needs to be met with consistency to have success.  We all know what we should be eating, how we should be eating- the only difference between that and reality is the consistency of what's in the fridge. Fill your kitchen with fresh, nourishing staples for your fridge, freezer, pantry, and counter with wholesome, chef-crafted meals. Each week new menu items based on seasonal Colorado ingredients are shared.  Send us a reply back with your tailored order and delivery date.  Stock up on the essentials, toss that bag of wilted sprig mix and make room to #Endthefridgestare!

Image by Kevin McCutcheon

Cooking Lessons

Industry pros looking to climb the Brigade or home cooks that are wanting to expand their repertoire- inquire here about one on one training or group in-home lessons.

Both virtual and in-person classes

High Performance

High-performance nutrition, while providing fuel athletes require for optimum competition, often is lacking. Community, culture, and comfort are essential reasons we enjoy eating and when athletes are training in times of critical pressure for success, one way I have been able to provide success is replicating meals that bring these missing elements.

Customized Catering

& Private Chef

Available to travel to any location worldwide.   I've worked as a Private Chef, supplementing other culinary ventures for 7 years. Providing meals for a range of clientele with specific dietary needs and preferences has encouraged me to stay very engaged with food trends while maintaining skill in a wide base of cuisines. 

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